Yes, each share has an equal chance in the ballot so if you have more shares then you stand a bigger chance of receiving an owner’s badge.

No! The price you pay covers everything. There are no hidden costs, and at the end of the term, there is no obligation to continue. You can see the breakdown of costs here

No. As stated above, all the costs for the syndicate period are covered by your one-off payment.

Initially, you will receive a gift pack and share certificate. During your time as an owner, benefits include regular updates, a share of race prize money, free stable tours, the chance to apply for free owners’ badges and more. Depending on the syndicate, there will be extras perks, such as the chance to participate in naming the horse.

Yes, we think this is a fantastic gift option for horse lovers and fans of racing! Our shares are only available for adults, in line with the terms and conditions.

We will provide an overview of each race your horse runs in, but please be aware that the information we pass on will only be based on opinions. Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball and we can’t guarantee picking a winner.

You will receive updates on a regular basis, which will include comments from the trainer, recent photos and videos. These will normally be sent out to members via a telegram group. If you would like to receive these by email we will endeavour to cater to your request.

Racehorses can be unpredictable animals, and therefore, we cannot give an accurate prediction of how many times your horse will run during the syndicate period.

We seek to find 5* homes for all of our TopSpeed Thoroughbreds. If we can’t find a suitable home, they stay with us until we do. A great example of this would be Ahead of the Curve who recently retired and is now learning dressage a stone’s throw away from the stud.

Members will receive as much notice as possible and we will often provide target races as soon as they have been selected by the trainers. We will provide an update whenever a horse is entered and/or declared. Please note that on some occasions the horse may become a non-runner due to reasons beyond our control such as the weather, injuries etc.

The prize money is received from Wetherbys racing bank by TopSpeed Thoroughbreds. We will make any deductions in line with terms and conditions, such as terms of a lease. All money is then divided by the number of shares and will be sent to all members. This is normally at the end of the season, but on some occasions, payments may be more regular depending on the value of the pot.

Yes! We know that you’ll be desperate to see your horse, and we’ve got some exciting events planned for our shareholders. We will hold stable mornings at each of the trainers’ yards, and on top of that, there will be an annual event at Peel Hall Stud. Here, you can see the young horses/broodmares and the racehorses who have come for a well-earned rest.

We will endeavour to get as many owners badges as possible when a horse runs. Members will have to apply for the badges, and then these applications will be drawn randomly. The lucky winners will then be able to use an owner’s badge.

We share the costs amongst a large group of members to allow each person to pay a low price but still have a share in a racehorse for the syndicate term.

TopSpeed Thoroughbreds silks are grey with a yellow star on the body/sleeves and hat

We have carefully selected trainers based on how well we think they will complement each individual horse. We know the trainers well and we have excellent relationships with many high-profile trainers across the UK.

Unfortunately, the nature of the sport means that injuries happen in both training and racing. The decision to refund will depend on the extent and severity of the injury. If the horse is able to continue after treatment or a rest then no refund will be made. If a horse is retired due to injury then, as per our terms and conditions, where we can, we will replace the horse in the syndicate. If we are unable to replace the horse then a refund will be supplied in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Unless you are specifically advised otherwise, the owners’ badge will usually provide access to all public areas around the racecourse, as well as post-race access to the winners’ enclosure (if your horse wins or is placed) or the unsaddling enclosure, where you and your fellow owners can meet the jockey and trainer (or their representative) for a debrief, owners and trainers bar. Please only attend the parade ring and winners’ enclosure to see the horse you have been allocated a badge to see.

All horses are insured by TopSpeed Thoroughbreds at a value set by TopSpeed Thoroughbreds.

At the end of the term any prize money will be sent out to our members. We will provide a report with how the syndicate term has progressed. Often the horse will then be syndicated again for a term, and in this case all existing members will be given the chance to purchase shares before they are offered to the general public. For the pin-hooking syndicates, all the proceeds from the sales will be split by share and sent to members in the syndicate.

The renewal price will be set by TopSpeed Thoroughbreds. Members will be informed of the price before being offered the chance to renew their shares. The price will depend on a number of factors, such as training fees, length of term and the value of the horse.

You can change the information by emailing [email protected]

Prize money is normally paid at the end of the season. However, TopSpeed (at its discretion) can choose to pay any prize money due at an earlier or later date, providing all prize money has been distributed by the end of the syndicate term.

If you have been allocated an owners’ badge (by us), we will provide information prior to the race on where to meet via our telegram groups.

Generally, smart dress is required, however, we recommend checking the racecourse’s website for more information about the dress code. There are some meetings, such as Royal Ascot, where there are special dress codes in place.

Unfortunately, due to the strictly limited numbers, winners will be given one badge only (it is NOT possible to take a guest in with you). However, any guests can usually purchase a general admission badge at the racecourse. This would permit entry to the course, but not the owner’s area.

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